The Etcetera of London

‘Just some coffee, please!’, I roared while my lids seemed to be having a weird chemistry. I barely could separate the siamese – sleep was needed, but coffee was to replace it.
‘Americano?’ I heard the voice of a Linda who was my caffeine supplier.
‘Mmm… coffee…?’
‘Filter coffee?’ she asks smiling.

‘No, God damn it. Just a damn coffee, a double dose of caffeine, something to keep me awake and functional!’ No, who am I kidding? I kept my outburst as an ‘inburst’ – for myself. Just answered:

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‘A really strong individual voice, original, basically it’s fun writing’, that should be you, my dear Wraportage! References:

  • David Dunkley Gymah, one of the best videojournalists in the UK, the curator-teacher always pushing you to the right questions, not answers. Obsessed with ‘what’s the story’.
  • The other reference is Paul Majendie, spent decades (three!) as a Reuters correspondent, humorous as his colourful shirts that ‘look like curtains’. Possibly, suffering of an ADHD syndrome that never lets you settle for decent or good, but always for better.

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The Crossbreed Journalist

Product: Fabricated in Romania. Refined in the UK.   

This is the story of a crossbreed journalist. Distinctive Balkan features in a pairing with a new British behaviour for the last four months and eight days.

On rewind. On my BCH-LND way, I wrote on my phone: “It is the day that separates the past of the future” – read it in some Hesse-ndless book and promised to use it one day.

It was just before I got my “one way” ticket. Before I shared a house and my habits with three strangers and their habits. Mostly habits of unwashed dishes, gravy souce and Sunday roasts on top of morning-Nirvana drum-songs. It was before I Mingled my breaths with other 13 million Breath-outs. It was before London.

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The Chronicle of an Immigration Foretold

UKIP’s bad-weather forecast

Let’ s put it into context: how did we get to this ottoman-invasion foresight?  The ‘weather’ warning on Romanian  immigrants in the UK was ushered more than a year ago by Nigel Farage, leader of the UKIP.

As the third popular party in Britain,  The UK Independence Party is known for the euro-skeptical attitude. Mr. Farage supporters drive the crusade of 2017 referendum which would withdraw the monarchy island from the continental EU.

In the meantime, the leader of UKIP had several proposals in keeping his country away from European nomads. Such as a five-year ban on people coming to settle in Britain, after forecasting the flood and the ‘Romanian crime-wave‘ for 2014.

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British Myths on Romanians ‘flooding’ the UK

We failed your expectations. I agree. We didn’t ‘flood’ the UK. We only sent a few Romanian raindrops. Two dozens of us more precisely. Such a dry weather now in the UK, right? Let’s see where did Romanians fail to live up to some of the British expectations – you can read some of them in one of my article: The Chronicle of an Immigration foretold.

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 14.50.54

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Thousands of students protest in London

IMG_6495 2
#copsoffcampus – the hashtag for the nationwide students movement

Thousands of students took the streets of central London to rally against the  presence of police in the university campuses. Protesters used the hashtag #copsoffcampus to organise the march on social media, after officers made 41 arrests during a student demonstration last week. 

The meeting point was the University of London Union (ULU) in Euston Square where protesters gathered in samba-dancing moves. They held banners with messages: ‘No to police brutality’ or ‘make love not student debts’. Continue reading “Thousands of students protest in London”

#marolalondra. Translation: my halved nickname; la = at; Londra = obviously, London. The about me-s category at London. Expiry date: end of November, when I was supposed to get a mark on it.

A short brief: some sort of auto-ironical stories on a mignone Romanian journalist living happily ever after in London. Or at least, trying to get used to rheumatics weather, greedy transport fares, enough coffee for an army and shipping distances from point A to B.

It turned out to be a category about my life on steroids.

#marolalondra – Nickname. Hashtag. Identity.

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