We should meet up for a coffee these days! A Creative Coffee.

I’m very picky with my coffee – it needs to be Kenyan with the strong and spicy Equatorial taste. Memorable, energising and above all, I appreciate a good foam of… conversation. Yes, conversation. You don’t get that from the coffee machine. But you do get it from the Creative Coffee International machine, an international event where you get to have espresso, networking and inspiration in the same cup. Liverpool, July the 15th. Baristas?

Adriana Ursache, previously a TEDx speaker, a globe-trotter entrepreneur passionate about building creative communities who’s been travelling the world with her start-up Worksurfers. Back from Silicon Valley, she’ll be in Liverpool in mid-July to become an inspirational ‘angel’ for all of us.

I admit – I drank some Adriana-made coffee a few years ago when I first met her and the concept of creative industries.  I was working on a story for the Romanian Public Television about creative businesses in Iasi. This is the moment I understood that being artsy is not an excuse of not becoming an entrepreneur and not having money, doesn’t mean you should stop being creative. Back then, Adriana was based in Iasi, Romania. Now she’s been on four continents with her start-up and Creative Coffee events. She’s back in Europe to share her stories with us.

The second barista is David Parrish – he’s known as a creative industries management consultant, trainer, speaker and for me, as a writer. His first book, T-Shirts and Suits: A guide the the Business of Creativity was given to me by Oana Filip (co-founder of Creative Coffee International). Life-mind-perception-changing! I am a t-shirt wearer and I finally understood how to handle the ties.

They’ll be in Liverpool in mid-July and it’s the best pretext to travel from London to see Anfield Stadium and first of all get a cup of inspiration and connection to the world.

At my last Creative Coffee in Iasi, Romania when Adriana was a speaker I kept her words in my mind: “If there’s a chance in a million it means there’s a chance to make it happen.’ She left to San Francisco and I left to London to make it happen. It actually happened for both of us.

On this next Creative Coffee I am afraid we’re all going to leave Liverpool with the one chance to conquer the world. See you in mid-July for a Coffee. A Creative Coffee!


One thought on “We should meet up for a coffee these days! A Creative Coffee.

  1. I can only remember the joy and motivation I left that particular Creative Coffee with. It happened for me too, a few months later, but it did. Enjoy it and tell us the story afterwards! 🙂

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