Cheers to Wraportage! Writing is sharing.

‘A really strong individual voice, original, basically it’s fun writing’, that should be you, my dear Wraportage! References:

  • David Dunkley Gymah, one of the best videojournalists in the UK, the curator-teacher always pushing you to the right questions, not answers. Obsessed with ‘what’s the story’.
  • The other reference is Paul Majendie, spent decades (three!) as a Reuters correspondent, humorous as his colourful shirts that ‘look like curtains’. Possibly, suffering of an ADHD syndrome that never lets you settle for decent or good, but always for better.

The two ‘guys’ thought you, Wraportage, you are ‘vivacious’ and although ‘humour is very hard to pull off, you DO’. So, Cheers to that! So help you God and some (a lot!) of books, Oxford Dictionary filled with inspiration, to keep up the ‘lovely reads’.

Well, now’s the moment to be honest. I never believed in you. You were just a homework. More of a work. A demanding one, don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t coup de foudre, never found you attractive in the beginning. You seemed dull, just one of the wordpress commoners. You know I do mind commoners. Let’s just put all the cons in the J. Nielsen bullet-rules:

  • I really thought we’ll hang around in the evening, three times a week. This was one of the brief requirements, not because I would be looking forward to seeing you and your new post blank page. Half of my days!
  • You know I am not the English ultimate speaker or writer. I’m just whirling my poor vocabulary in some five metre-square linguistic fold.
  • I love Romanian. It’s such a fun, wonderful and skittish language! You had your chance of meeting it in some of my posts. This means that English isn’t that ‘sexy’ for me.
  • You’ve given me some hard times, wordpress and blogs weren’t on my future plans. I just had to squeeze you inside my hipster van of ‘stuff to do’. I made room on the seat of the ‘have to-s’, not ‘enjoy to-s’.
  • Oh, and let’s just face it: I am no writer. And the fear of running into people reading your mashed thoughts it’s not something you just live and see what happens.
  • I hated you a few times. Really, really, genuinely hated you. You ‘abbreviated’ my nights. Many times.

Dear Wraportage, after spending some time on your Dashboard, I saw you’re a very complicated human-typography. You give feedback, comments and links to people. Real people. So, you made me  unbolt my inner self. I wore no concelear on my thoughts and stories. You just got to know me as I write. I write as I speak and I speak as I think.

I was that naive to think it’s just between me and you. Until we were both shocked! 1111 people were interested with our ‘we are pleased to inform you‘ story. And we got in the top 10 ‘Freshly Pressed’! You know I was so proud of the scholarship that you were the first one to tell. And you made me proud now. Really proud that I wanted to tell the whole world.

I promise this time I’ll make it up to you. I’ll keep you posted (as in ‘new posts’) with  #marolalondra and I got it: I’ll never bore you with common stories. Unless it’s some very British problems that I want to share. Why will I still write? Scripta manent, Wraportage.

Let the journey continue! Word! 

ps. Thank you Oana, for kicking my ass and nib. And for the pic!


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