British Myths on Romanians ‘flooding’ the UK

We failed your expectations. I agree. We didn’t ‘flood’ the UK. We only sent a few Romanian raindrops. Two dozens of us more precisely. Such a dry weather now in the UK, right? Let’s see where did Romanians fail to live up to some of the British expectations – you can read some of them in one of my article: The Chronicle of an Immigration foretold.

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Romanians flooded the UK in 2014 – True or False?

False. According to Europe’s social affairs commissioner, Laszlo Andor,  Britons have been misguided: Romanians and Bulgarians didn’t flock the UK. You can read more on EU chief statement in the article published by The Independent. In fact, just two people boarded the first flight into Luton from the Eastern European country on January 1, according to Romanian Ambassador to London, Ion Jinga.

Romanians rush into claiming benefits in the UK – True or False?

False. A study conducted  by UCL  which looked at immigrants from the European Economic Area  found that between 2001 and 2011, EEA immigrants contributed £8.8bn more to the fiscal system than they received in benefits – that’s 34% more than they took out.

All Britons were anti-Romanians crusaders supporting the tabloids – True or False?

False. A YouGov Poll showed that more than two thirds of the Britons welcome migrants in their country if Romanians are willing to work, pay taxes and become part of their community.

The most representative Romanians are living in the street, next to Marble Arch – True or False?

False. Totally false! Some of the Romanians make Great Britain even greater. Examples? Alexandra Dariescu, a Romanian pianist, was the winner of ‘Women of the Future Awards’ in 2013. Sir George Iacobescu, who is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Canary Wharf. And the list continues.

Romania is a poor country – True or False?

Partially false. Romanians are not rich. Middle-class Romanians. But the largest country in the Balkans has is ‘considered one of Europe’s few “tiger” economies—has been worth some €27-30 billion in turnover and €3.7 billion in profit to companies based in Britain’. according to The Economist.

Romanians don’t speak English – True or False?

False. Almost a third of Romania’s population speaks English as an additional language. 5,9 millions, more precisely. This makes Romania the 15th country in Europe’s top of polyglots.

In Romania ‘people live like animals’ – True or False?

False. Unless Prince Charles is also living like an animal. The heir of the throne owns eight houses in Romania. Yes, eight. In this article you could see the map of his properties in Northern Romania. If you still doubt it, here’s the video. Watch minute 53:20. You’ll have the interview of Prince of Wales speaking about the beauty of Romanian Carpathians.


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