Thousands of students protest in London

IMG_6495 2
#copsoffcampus – the hashtag for the nationwide students movement

Thousands of students took the streets of central London to rally against the  presence of police in the university campuses. Protesters used the hashtag #copsoffcampus to organise the march on social media, after officers made 41 arrests during a student demonstration last week. 

The meeting point was the University of London Union (ULU) in Euston Square where protesters gathered in samba-dancing moves. They held banners with messages: ‘No to police brutality’ or ‘make love not student debts’.

If last week’s manifestos were targeting the privatisation of the loans and higher education, this time police officers  were targeted. ‘Cops off campus Action Day’ is supposed to be a ‘peaceful reaction’ to what Michael Chessum, President of the ULU said ‘was a draconic behaviour of the Mets against students’.

Protesters also demanded the cancellation of a six-month junction for protesting in the campuses of the University College of London obtained on Monday. Representatives of the UCL said ‘the priority is to maintain the security of students, staff and security’.

Students announced another round of protests under the hashtag  #copsoffcampus in London. Almost 500 people confirmed by now to attend a nationwide Action Day on the 22nd of January.

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