#marolalondra, life on steroids

#marolalondra. Translation: my halved nickname; la = at; Londra = obviously, London. The about me-s category at London. Expiry date: end of November, when I was supposed to get a mark on it.

A short brief: some sort of auto-ironical stories on a mignone Romanian journalist living happily ever after in London. Or at least, trying to get used to rheumatics weather, greedy transport fares, enough coffee for an army and shipping distances from point A to B.

It turned out to be a category about my life on steroids.

#marolalondra – Nickname. Hashtag. Identity.

#marolalondra took some life-‘steroids’ for mind and soul. Here’s some stuff that this hashtag of mine is bragging he’s learnt in the last three months and something.

  • I know that I want to get old. At 70 something. Say ‘Hell no!’, not dying my hair, climb the tables when necessary, be bold and I think ‘fuck’ should be enough to keep my vocabulary young.  Being extremely smart and passionate about my work should keep me labeled as ‘sane’. Watched and learnt from Jean Seaton, my teacher who’s also the official historian of the BBC.
  • Oh, and I want to get old doing something that involves: camera and hitting the road. And telling some prime-night stories.
  • Even more curious. The curious minds think alike. And the great ones.
  • Nothing comes easy. Easy come, easy go, right?
  • Alone means a horde of yourselves, some funny, some depressive, some with addictions, stubborn, obsessive, sleepless, silly. When restless, boring is marooned to rest on some other life.
  • Magic happens outside comfort zone. But, again not by magic. Still working on my tricks. Hocus, pocus, preparatus… Not!
  • Keep it simple. Simple as that!
  • It’s not rocket science to do British Journalism, it’s a bit of science, some chemistry with people and some rocket needed to get to a job. Still, gravity of the right people, at the right place is working.
  • Journalism isn’t just a job. It’s inspiration.
  • Niche yourself. ‘Different’ isn’t a commodity, but can be put on market.
  • Dream big and have nightmares of failing.
  • Failing all the time means learning all the time.
  • Get prepared for success. It means also failing.

So, #marolalondra, here you go again. Extended deadline: until writing and sharing won’t be a basic need or the work-surrogate. Yes, I admit I miss endless shifts at work. This is why my next chapter is going to be pure journalism. Why? Because ‘It’s probably one of the most racist times you’re facing in the UK’, said John Mair, one of my teachers.

It’s going to be pure journalism on Romanians making Great Britain even Greater.  So, let’s talk about the Romanians not living on the Benefits Street, the Romanians who are making the UK a benefiter of their talent, work, passion, mind, intelligence, even money.

For the first time Maro is going to be her own filming crew. A beginners’ crew made of ideas, creativity, courage and the will to make it better and greater with ‘wraportages’.


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