Making-of a difference

I was taught this easy ecuation: over 18 – go to college, You still get a daughter allowence. Graduate, over 21, oak-healthy, got to work and earn money. Still our daughter. A cheaper one. Simple as that. The moment your life starts chasing the “in order to get” something followed by “You have to”.

e.g. Get a job in order to pay rent in order to Leave your Pink and sparklingroom in parents’s house in order to learn how to cook pork ribs in order to cook for your man in order to make him your well fed husband in order to have one of a kind curly daughter in order to repeat life’s good manners of the in order to.

Wait! Where do I fit the “in order to make a difference”? Well, I know it’s not many of us choosing a job that will only pay your coffees in order to make a difference. Plumbers, drivers, presidents, teachers, designers, hair-stylists, activists, journalists?


All of them. Especially journalists. When starting this Masters we were doing the small talk and asked the classical: “Why do You want to be a reporter?”. 8 out of 10 answers: to make a tiny difference in the world. And no, no one is competing for a beauty contest.

My mother had no strategy for the “in order to make a difference”, so I had to just improvise.

  • Fight for your job in order
  • to get the story in order
  • to storytell it in order
  • to make a diference

A hell of a journey of “in order to”-s! Only jounalists will be happy to not stick to mother’s life plans: having their own place, not-cooking, sacrficing the “well-Fed” (stick to the man), getting older for the same reason: the 25 working-hour day, sleepless nights and still, not complaining about it. Everything in order to make a difference.


2 thoughts on “Making-of a difference

  1. Relativity. Isn’t it a bitch?… I mean, you already made a difference for some of us. You know you can’t please everybody. Especially yourself, because if you manage to do that, you’re dead. “Now what?” is the scariest question. Enjoy the ride. Love.

  2. Cici, I’ve been in the ‘now what’ shoes. It’s scarier than ‘what the fuck?’. 🙂 My biggest enemy is ME, myself and I. That’s why I appreciate people like YOU. Kick in the ass and kind words, thannnnnk you! You made a difference today for me. Love!

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