“I don’t make any plans, God will finally laugh at them” said my colleague while drawing a pony-tailed smiling face. She must be dreaming of something. She just cheered the emoticon with a quote: ‘get over it and be happy’.

Happiness is actually our target for planning, skeeming, faking or simply, dreaming. I can’t remember if I had ever put on paper a masochist strategy on “my next five-year” set up: insecurity and sadness. Left brain, depressed sinapses recommend: Lana del Rey and super-carb comfort food.

So if God screws our plans, we should make others or… cheat. Dreaming is the new planning says a new study which showed that having wild-stuff visions (decent!) on the pillow makes You more determined and effective. I am not a life-coach, but the internet already is. You will find bullet-point advice on how to use dreams as part of your behind-the-back of God planning. “Be patient, don’t surender, never give up.”

Then I remembered this word that I can’t pronounce. But ‘freude’ always makes me think of lust. Vorfreude is almost like a timelapse: You see it happening with a Beoing speed. And the future unwraps: It’s just there the award; oh, the ‘I do’ thing; just saw myself on Channel 4’s Unreported World programme; I have such cute  babies (cute as in independent!); here You go, you’ve learnt coding and yes, You just retired after being paid to storytell the world. And yes, my parents are immortal.


The ‘Vorfreud’ means ‘senile lust’. Indeed You need to be almost unrealistic when day-dreaming. But isn’t this the point? It’s like haggling. You set a higher price and you get what You deserve. Dreams are untouchable, unjustified, made out of assumptions, stupid, wild, the one in a billion lucky bastard plan come true. But if it makes You feel like a billionaire why not just Take the risk and play behind God’s back a teaser of the best case scenario.

You need to be prepared. It might just happen. Get over it and dream on, You Freudiac!


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