Inspiration – the ultimate “How to” kit

It’s all about “how to”. There is an essential handbook for each and every little thing. You can “google” whatever and find “how to” deal with the “whatever”. In fact, one of world’s bestsellers is ‘How to win friends and influence people’. Anyway, we look for books that have as a reference being ‘the total guide to (…)’. The step 1-2-3-…  instructions give the feeling of being in control. If something goes wrong you can start again. 1-2-3… It’s not rocket science! Even rocket science has its NASA handbook. Simple as that.

Enough with the life-philosophy, get pragmatic with infinite ‘how to’-s:

To-do lists are the only step-instructions permitted.
To-do lists are the only step-instructions permitted.
  • open a can (use the knife. If not, donate it or get a man)
  • lose a guy in ten days (I am a professional: I know how to do it from the first day)
  • lose weight, if not the guy, in 12 days (never, never works!)
  • use effects in Final Cut (GREAT!)
  • become a fellow of Bill Gates (I am still a rookie with this; worked for me the ‘if you snooze, you lose’ part)
  • plan the perfect crime (I know the scenario, I know my target…never tried it)
  • remove lipstick-stains from you shirt (get a housewife-mistress)
  • get over the divorce (never worked out the ‘how to get married’ part)
  • get a five-zero salary job (still working on it!)
  • become famous or die trying (and then become famous)
  • have J-Lo’s ass (never works)
  • cook your own porridge (just found out!)
  • get professional highlights (worked!)

That should be it. Instructions, instructions, instructions. And discipline. Technically, it should be enough to get everything you wanted in your life. Technically. But ‘lifely’, we all know that we don’t really work this way. A sheet of paper with pictures and instructions on how to live your life? Well, I know for sure that I would skip some steps.

I would skip the part with ‘patiently wait’. Skip for step 453: keep calm. Skip for step 54: don’t do something risky!. I would skip also the part with: keep walking!, because step 24: ‘run, Forest, run!” is faster. Not even the ‘wait until it happens’ instructions would not be enough. I would have to ask back the life-producer if somewhere, around 45635 step I’ll be directed to ‘it happens! NOW’. I would love climbing on that step. Now. Instructions? Only for blonde-highlights.

For me the only ‘how to’ (become a better journalist, better me, a better cook, simply better or simply become) that works is ‘inspiration‘. Not the divine one. Human. London, Westminster, colleagues, photography, family, books, newspapers, Panorama, friends, films, Captain Philips, Chinese food. All in all: People inspired.

In the last two months, I never found out what’s the instruction-kit for the dream-come-true, but I read and heard people’s own personal instructions on their life stories. They became my ‘how to’ become more like them. Bold. And never boring. And achiever. And loving. And competitive.  Better. And beautiful.

  • ‘To get here I paid with sweat and blood. Literally. Never thought I could manage. Just don’t give-up.’
  • ‘Good things happen to good people’
  • ‘The story is not about you as a reporter. The story is about them. Step back’
  • The Hopeless hopeful
  • You have to mind that you will mind people
  • the world is your Oyster
  • be stubborn.
  • hard work will pay off
  • get angry!
  • Waste money, not time.
  • waiting won’t make it happen.

Inspiration-kit for my own ‘how to’ live life to the full: feel blessed even when you’re eating your porridge with a plastic spoon. At least, you’re not made of plastic – dull, boring to death 1-2-3… steps.  ‘How to’ find inspiration? Can not order it online. But it’s for free, everywhere, no shipping costs. It has its own instruction pack: open your eyes and mind. And be careful, it’s 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.


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