New released film ‘Brevity’: 3D Words

No, it’s not a George Clooney – Sandra Bullock script. Or a misspelled Gravity review. It’s Brevity. Actors? The 171,476 words to satellite around these days on this huge planet of meanings called Oxford Dictionary. 95% of them – uncharted territory with a warning of Wittgenstein trespassing: ‘The limit of my language is the limit of my world’.

How to get unlimited with 2,000 words?

Well, I could have a 200 word-calorie menu per day, still there’s another meal for the English-as-a-second/third language European. ‘Brevity’. This means: simple words with complicated meanings. Instead of complicated words with empty meanings. E.g. What if:

  • Aerosmith’s song would have been called ‘Please ambulate this direction’ instead of ‘Walk this way”?
  • ‘service temporarily unavailable’ would actually mean that ‘I am too vulnerable’?
  • we use ‘I am very fond of your well-behaved hair-adjusting manners’ instead of ‘I love the way you always look out for your fringe in your mobile-mirror when you think I am not looking at you’?
  • we would say ‘I domiciliate in Eastern Europe, Romania’ instead of ‘home is where your heart is”?
  • we would  show-off with  Old Latin ‘Amor vincit omnia’ when the only thing we would want is to show ‘Love conquers all’
  • we would communicate ‘planned engineering works for this weekend’ instead of just saying ‘I am not in the mood. Just need time for myself”?
  • we would use synchronicity theory instead of indulging our destiny with ‘everything happens for a reason’?

This TED video explains better the Academic Aerosmith – Ambulate this direction song.

The ‘release’ of the the Brevity post is a way of saying that you should never underestimate the power of words. Before becoming multimedia, taking video, audio, coding, anyway any other Java scripts, I would simply use words for scripts. Plain words.

When I think of words I think of tasting molecular cuisine before the whole meat bread. Or pressing Like instead of writing ‘I like you’. Learning HTML language before the lyrics of your favourite Aerosmith song. The ‘brevity theory’ is in fact, in simple words, my way of saying that ‘I suffer of an eye-disability’ is not the same with ‘It’s a beautiful day outside. But I can’t see it’.

N.B. Inspiration for 3D words – ‘The Diary of Edward the Hamster’. Oh, and Wittgenstein was wrong, your limits mights be the words, but you will always have pictures, says the TV reporter.



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