I started this blog after putting on hold television. On the other line was David. His surname I can’t pronounce. David, my teacher, was telling me that this blog will be the passport to His exam. Ok, so I let go this giant ‘elephant’ called television for this petty specie of ants: a blog. The only ant in this ecuation was my narrow old-fashioned mind who’s into telegrams or postcards. Not Instagram.

I unBlogged myself: I shared as if I was writing my reportages, as if I was telling the stories on broadcast, this time MY stories.”On air” something happened: one of myself-news had a huge ‘rating’! And it was a good news and good news rarely makes it on the front pages! Mine did. A scholarship from Ratiu Foundation and a life-theory on “we regret or we are pleased?! That is the question.”

It was the eight on the “Blog of the day” ranking! And … 1111 views! More than my Facebook friends.


Bloggers call it “a good spike”. Well, that works for me as the word means “One of several sharp metal projections set in the sole of an athletic shoe for grip”. You, the over one thousand viewers, got me some spikes in my boots. And now I am chasing my dream even harder like a tough ant. I have push notifications from ‘Best ever’ 1111 people.

The Ant-Oana on her way to the hillock (Harrow-on-the-Hill) full of books, baclava and some dreams to put on spikes.


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