“We are pleased to inform you” news

In life, You only get two answers:  yes or no, ‘maybe’ is just for flight delays. In life, opportunities are all about the first line. The verb makes the difference.

To please or to regret? That is the question!

“We regret to inform You” that you didn’t get the HR manager job, that your luggage is in Guatemala, that we cut your hair shorter than short, that You didn’t catch the witness; we regret to inform You that shit happens. Like all the time. Even to you.


“We are pleased to inform You…”, well that’s something different. We as in “they”, the employer, the bank, Oyster, eBay, Amazon, the uni. “They” are the ones who are going to change your life. For good. And for the best. “We are pleased to inform You” that You have THE job, the biker-boots, You got a scholarship, that You got the training, that You are in for the “cooking vegane” course or knitting. They are pleased?! Well, we as in “us”, we are thrilled! But just act cool. Am I pleased?! “Well, that’s not a suprise for me! It’s natural.” C’mooon, who are you fooling?! It’s been You, the only one, who they pleased.

I have to say that I had my piece (as in looots!) of “we regret”. However, I had my “we are pleased”. But I am grateful for each end every ‘no’ that got me to understand what “deserve” means. And earn. And dream. And struggle. And no sleep. And too much coffee. And desillusions. And belief. Now, I am also pleased to inform You that I got a scholarship given by Ratiu Foundation in London!

Life-changing. However, “pleased” doesn’t mean easy, “regret” doesn’t mean failure. The fight goes on until You’ll write to yourself: “I am pleased to inform You, my dear self Oana, that we, as in I and myself, are proud of You!”


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