British Girl keeps calm and saves Rosia Montana

British Leslie keeps calm and saves Rosia Montana

Leslie is a native British born 26 years ago around London and raised in England’s fast and furious capital. She plans on taking refuge in some quiet, eco-friendly place where she could start a farm with her life partner, a Romanian. Tomatoes – this is going to shut the rush of the 14 million people living the big city life, here in London. Tomatoes in Romania, near Cluj.

A life-plan she’s afraid will be ruined if the Cyanid Mining project at ‘Rosia Montana’ is going to get the green light from the Romanian Government.

For the love of environment, also ‘for the sake of her farming future’, LeslieĀ spent each Sunday in the last six weeks in central London protesting against this massive project of cyanide usage for mining.

I would be really disappointed if I saw The Romanian Government crossing over the will of thousands of people. This could make me change my mind on moving there, but I’ll fight until it’s over“, said the British girl.

After the Chernobyl catastrophe in 1986, Europe faced the worst environmental disaster in 2000 as a consequence of a mining project that also used cyanide in northern Romanian city, Baia Mare. Back then, the cyanide used for mining was 130 times less than the planned amount at Rosia Montana.

Some other portrait-stories to come from the protests at the Houses of Parliament in London.


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