“What’s the story?!” kickoff

This is my ‘never-try-this-at-home’ story of the curious case of Oana Button-ing her reporter’s jacket and flying to Media Mecca while her career back in Romania was on top gear.

It’s a ‘never-try-this-at-home‘ story because you literally have to be at 2832 km distance away from your comfy sofa. Unless … you are restless, determined to make smart sacrifices, you have #IwantMore as a belief, bold and unrealistic. Or if you suffer of a bipolar affection of what we call in Romania ‘dor de ducã‘ as in “wanderlust”. Symptoms: looking for a place to keep you “grounded” while you look around for a new quest to hit the road.  It’s probably something journalists have in their genes.

A kick in the a** journey that started with a two left-handed story, a freak storm of “what’s the story” questioning with words still forcing to be released and a 34 bullet-“to google” page.

Oh, and a blog! This blog which will be my storytelling “playground” from now on.

Nowadays you will find me in a very uncomfortable neck position  – in a raccourci angle (or as you would say it worm’s eye view) to the people I’ve met.

N.B. on my “to do list”:  Next time, leave this “conquer the world” story of yours at home. It’s less embarrassing! 


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